Above Ground Pools Has Its Advantages and Disadvantages

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If the size of your home yard spacious enough, building a swimming pool is a thing that can be considered. The existence of a pool in addition to a sports facility can also be a gathering place for family members, so the family intimacy can be maintained. Although at first glance looks just consists of a pool, but it actually consists of a pool deck area as the area transitions, filters, and water pumps, which regulate the circulation of the pool water. So although the pool could be sized as small as 7 x 3 m, the actual need of land larger than that size.

In addition to the size of the pool, the pool shape also affects the efficiency of land, with the same size, rectangular shape pool will provide maximum space to swim more than a form of oval-shaped pool, notched, or other forms of asymmetrical. While based on the type of construction, the pool can be divided into in ground swimming pool and the above ground swimming poll. Above ground pools can usually be purchased already in the form of a swimming pool to be installed above the ground, or make the soil surface as the bottom of the pool.

Long Intex Ultra-Frame Above Ground Pools for Many People

Meanwhile, in ground pools can be made by digging, building a pond walls, and installing finishing materials such as ceramics, fiberglass, or vinyl in the ground. Both type of pool is of course has its advantages and disadvantages of each. Selection of type of pool can be tailored to the needs, budget, and conditions of yard.


Above Ground Pools with Open Space

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