Advantages and Disadvantages of Garage Floor Epoxy

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Epoxy floor layer could be put on the surface of distinct materials such as wood, concrete, steel, etc., but the concrete is the most suitable material for epoxy flooring laid. Epoxy floor coating is a material that can accommodate heavy loads, anti broken / cracked, not easily mossy, and has no connection or grout. In addition, the material is also very easy to clean from the stains which are stubborn, including chemistry stains. This type of flooring is also common and very suitable to apply on the floor and walls of a hospital operating room, production room, warehouse flooring, badminton and all other concrete surfaces, including the garage. Colors and designs of this kind of floor covering consist of many options.

If you look at the character of the epoxy flooring is easy to clean, stain resistant of all kinds, can support the weight of vehicles, etc… This type of flooring is very suitable to be used as floor coverings in your home garage. Easy installation of these types of epoxy flooring also adds to the advantages of floor covering if compared with other types of floor coverings.

Amazing Garage Floor Epoxy

However, garage floor epoxy actually has a little short. As is known, this type of floor is often flat and does not have a texture, a character like this of course is not good if used as a garage floor coverings because vehicle tires need a little ‘space’ so it could grip the ground firmly. Floor that does not have the texture could make the vehicle tire slip, and if it happens on a motor bike, then the bike can be fall down because its tires could not grip the floor surface firmly.



garage floor epoxy with white cabinet

Picture Gallery of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Garage Floor Epoxy

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