Build Wooden Shoes Cabinet Yourself

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Wooden shoes cabinet making is actually pretty simple and common to do, especially in countries where shoes are regularly placed before the entrance door. The main thing needed includes board in particular length. The number of board used also depends on people’s need. The others are screw, saw, sandpaper, and other needed tools. The materials are simple and even available in low price.

For simple and quick process, you can follow instruction here. Cut the boards into 10 pieces and 18 inches for each length. These form as the sides of the shelves. Then, cut the other boards into 10 woods for 36 inches long. These do as the interior shelves. For the top parts of the shelves, cut the boards by 10 woods with measuring 38 inches long. Sand the pieces by using sandpaper until the surface is smooth. Also, make sure to smooth the corners so that will not be sharp.

Creative Bright Shoe Cabinet by Fashion for Home

Creative Bright Shoe Cabinet by Fashion for Home

Then, lay all the pieces and connect them with screws. Use the drills to make screw holes. Repeat this process until all units of shoe cabinet parts attach and pierce to each other. Lastly, you can varnish or paint to cover the surface of the cabinets and cabinets are beautiful, graceful and attractive will decorate your home and a collection your furniture.


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Picture Gallery of the Build Wooden Shoes Cabinet Yourself

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