How to a Garage Door Installation Own

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Garage door installation can be a intricate process to do unless by a professional. However, it is not impossible to do it by ourselves even though we have no experience or preceding skills on it. Here are several steps to follow regarding how to install a garage door. Firstly, you will need screwdriver, c-clamps, and some garage tool kits.

As the steps, before placing the panel into the garage doorway, you should fasten the strip onto the bottom of the door’s panel, then, nail it into its place. Adjust the tracks of the doorway into vertical and horizontal sections. Connect the rollers onto the side of the first door’s panel. Screw the hinges on the top edge. Then, put the rollers and the other hinges to the next panels. Fasten the panels, and reiterate these steps for all the doors panels.

Garage doors installation long beach design

Picture away garage door installation

Create confident the door in leveled with the wall or the vertical tracks. As well, quantify the horizontal tracks levels to the ceiling. Cut and screw the hangers to the right length of the ceiling joints. Now, the process is done, and create sure you own removed all temporary nails that you might attach to measure or tighten the tracks and hinges installation.

Clean Area Garage Door Installation Design

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