Romanesque and Gothic Architecture Ideas

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The idea of gothic architecture is often confused with the term Romanesque. Historically, the Romanesque came prior to the Gothic architectural design. The styles are also relatively different since the Romanesque basically follows Roman architecture while Gothic architectural style reflects more the Middle Ages in which the famous ones include Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame, and other designs of cathedral. The ways to distinguish the differences between both of them can be considered from the shapes of the arches, the number of windows, and the flying buttresses of the building.

Romanesque’s arches style is typically rounded. It is contrastive to Gothic architecture in which the shapes are pointed following the philosophy of reaching the heaven. Then, the building of Romanesque style always has columns with decorated capitals as mostly seen in ancient Rome design. As for the roofs, Romanesque tends to be much darker than the Gothic architectural.

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This is because Romanesque still follows stone roof with very thick wall and only a few windows on it. Unlike this style, Gothic architecture has discovered new ways to support the stone roofs and walls and to allow them put more windows so that light can flood in more. Gothic architectural philosophy believes that more light coming into the room will provide more spiritual inspiration.

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