Textured Walls – With Textured Paint Wall more Beautiful and Awesome

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Like a person’s body, the wall is the “face” of your house. Consequently, don’t underestimate the walls of your home. Because the wall is a mirror of your personality. For those of you who love art, or admire the beauty, then by using a textured walls is the proper choice. Due to the textured walls, the house will look more beautiful, elegant, modern, comfortable, more pleasing to the eye and has a high art.

To make the wall texture, there are two choices available today, the smooth wall (before applying the paper) using drywall compound or by using a paper vessel. If you use drywall compound takes a very long time, since before making textures, you own to smooths first the wall. Then the first coating using a light sand (not too thick). After that, hide the texture of the flimsy coating of compound on your wall. If the coating containing sand and textures that hide was dry, then sand again your wall. When your walls always contain dust, then close the surfaces with oil based sealer.

Cream color Texture of the paint is really innovative and helps the boring design

Unique Designs Natural Texture Wallpapers Ideas

Besides the above, there is another way to spruce up your walls, using wallpaper paper vessel. This method basically own in common with the wallpaper, but textured paint with horizontal rather than vertical. The step you own to do is first clean the walls from stain and dust which attached to the wall and let the wall dry out. The next step is to put the paper in accordance with the instructions in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Free Wall Textures Designs Ideas

Picture Gallery of the Textured Walls – With Textured Paint Wall more Beautiful and Awesome

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