The Attractive Ideas of Cheap Kitchen Islands

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If you’re thinking about wearing cheap kitchen islands, here are some reasons and ideas to do so. An island, but takes up space, is a fantastic place to prepare food or to use as office. You will not regret! Why put an island in the kitchen?

In large kitchens

You will gain free work surface comfortably prepare food. For this it is useful to include a small sink where washing vegetables, and a wood where cut without damaging the countertop. If your island is sufficient great, you can even install the hotplate and an appliance.

kitchen islands with seating

Attaches to the island area office: avoid shifts in everyday meals. Another option is to locate the office near the island, and placing a harmonizing transition flown breakfast area on the island give way to office.

In small kitchens

In a short space we can enjoy cheap kitchen islands that extend the work surface and fulfilling the duties of an office when you cannot create a room independently.

For the island is comfortable, leave around about 90 cm free allowing easy open drawers and create areas large enough step. The easiest way to win a breakfast bar or fast food is to leave the counter flown on one end and complement it with two stools. One way to make the most of the island is to design with drawers, shelves or cabinets to allow storage capacity to multiply. To lighten the visual weight, you can invest it with white, wood or Siltstone, for example.

small kitchen islands

This is a simple way to have cheap kitchen islands with an old dresser. This is cheap to make and add charm to any kitchen project. All you need is a little paint and a few pieces of hardware to make your custom kitchen island. Chalkboard paint transforms the back of the dresser in a message center or fun for the kids draw instead.

Instructions of creating cheap kitchen islands

  1. Select a comfortable old bedroom that you get to the waist. You must have at least two drawers for towels and other kitchen items.
  2. Remove all accessories from the comfortable side slightly. Err on the side of caution and throw the rest in a well ventilated area (preferably outside), as if it was a lead paint.
  3. First paint the top front and sides of the chest of a color to match your kitchen. Any oil or latex paint will be used for this project.
  4. Prepare the back of the dresser and paint it twice with chalkboard paint. If the back of the dresser is uneven, cover with a sheet of 1/4-inch coating (0.64 cm) of timber cut to size.
  5. Set a paperless kitchen at one end of the dresser. At the other end, fixed with screws a row of hooks to hang cups and utensils. Replace the handles on the front of the drawers.
  6. Put a big cutting board on top of the dresser to cut fruits and vegetables.

If you have any idea about cheap kitchen islands, please leave your comments!

Picture Gallery of the The Attractive Ideas of Cheap Kitchen Islands

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