The Process of Granite Slabs

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Besides the price is quite expensive, choose granite does need a strategy, which is very different than choosing ceramics. Ceramic is a production factory that already has a standard size and standard quality. Granite is a plutonic igneous rock type, which have a strong and hard nature. Therefore, in addition to widely used for interior, these materials are also often used on the work that has great structure.

Granite consists especially of quartz, mica, and feldspar. Granite with porphyritic texture is somewhile known as porphyry. Granites could be pink to gray, depending on the chemistry and mineralogy. Granite is a plutonic igneous rock, which occurs from the freezing of magma with acid compositions of depth from the surface of the earth. Generally massive and hard, textured porphyritic, consisting of quartz, ortoklas, plagioclase, biotite, and hornblende. Gray and black speckled green, greenish and reddish. Granite is an igneous rock that has the coarse crystals.

Light Granite Slabs Detail

Granite is a body that has been colored and in-press (printed), and immediately burned so called single-fired tile or completely burn. This causes the rear body color granite, the same as the front (part motif / design). If the motive is black and white speckled, the body behind it too. Likewise if the motive is red or white. Surface of the granite slabs are usually more flat and not bumpy as polished by machine. Most granite is cutting tile or cut sides, so that the elbow and precision size. This has led to the appearance of granite can be great, and the application can also be meetings with one another so that the grout can be thinner / smaller.


Classical golden rustic granite slabs ideas

Picture Gallery of the The Process of Granite Slabs

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